29: Apple Services Event

Apple Media Event

This week we are covering Apples “services” media event where they announced several subscription services that are either available now or later this year including Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Channels and the Apple Card

Bad Tesla News

The title says it all.  Kyle brings up his favorite topic “Tesla”, but this time it’s not good news.

Show Notes

Kyle Johnson
28: Moving Offices

This week we discuss what’s happening with our friends in the Midwest who are getting hit with a bomb cyclone which caused massive flooding. We have some new marketing material for the podcast, we discuss the new stickers a little bit and follow up with the status of Kyle’s DIY project as well as looming deadlines, scope creep and interviews all sucking up time.

Our primary topic this week is discussing seating and rearranging people in the office. We discuss the issues, why it matters and why it might upset some people.

In the news we discuss Tesla’s new Model Y, an iOS trackpad mode to help with your text entry, Google Stadia a new gaming platform just announced by Google and the second generation AirPods that were also just announced.

Show Notes

Kyle Johnson
27: Paul, don’t rip my nuts off

This week on the Coffee & Code Cast we found out we had snubbed a listener and friend of Mike’s who listens via an alternative app that has it’s own comments section. We discuss that and apologize for missing those. This leas us into some funny stories that Mike recounts.

Tesla News #1

In follow-up from last weeks episode number 26 Tesla reversed course on closing all it’s show rooms and will keep a few of them open. To handle the increased cost of operating those facilities they are increasing their vehicle prices across the board with the exception of one. We discuss the rollbacks in Kyle’ favorite segment.

Restructuring / Re-configuring Teams

Our primary topic for the show is discussion reorganizing teams. There’s a lot to cover here and we discuss the pros, the cons. We talk about all the different eyes that might be on the restructure. When is an ideal time to execute something like this and of course why you might want to take on a task like this.

Show Notes

Kyle Johnson
26: Mixed Reality

Podcast Album Artwork

This week we have some really exciting news. Friend of the show Jernej from Gentle Giant illustrations has kindly created the show some new cover artwork. The artwork depicts Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market sign with the Coffee & Code Cast written across it. Of course also included is Seattle’s beautiful skyline and no Seattle anything is ever complete without the Space Needle.

Erotic Photo Hunt Followup

On episode 23 we discussed a bar game called Erotic Photo Hunt. The game is a racy version of a spot the differences type game where you tap on the differences between the images. We discussed that the game isn’t found very often anymore or that it’s being discontinued according to Eater.com

A co-worker relayed a picture that they found a working copy of the game in a bar in Seattle’s Fremont/Ballard neighborhood.

Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

This week was Mobile World Congress and Microsoft’s Holo Lens 2 was shown in many demos. Some demo showed a VR world that “follows” you or stays in your line of sight and some showed you walking around a stationary type virtual object.

Tesla Sentry & Dog Mode

No Coffee & Code Cast is complete without Tesla news. This week the show discusses two new modes Tesla has unveiled via software update. Dog Mode a new option a driver can enable as they leave the car to maintain the temperature in extreme heat or cold conditions. The display also notes for any passerby’s that the car is maintaining the temperature and exactly what the interior temp of the car is at that moment.

The second mode is Sentry mode with effectively gives you a form of video surveillance of your car while you are away. The video is recorded to your thumb drive and not available via the Tesla app. However if your card is nudged or hit the car will fire your phone a notification and record from all cameras the car offers.

Show Notes

Kyle Johnson
25: Cadillac of Coffee Makers

On this episode we talk foldable phones and take a deep dive into bluetooth audio technology. We get an update on Kyle’s clean livin’ journey discuss Mike's new backup battery for all his devices including the MacBook Pro. We revisit a regular topic on the show as well and discuss what we have been watching recently.

Jeda Wireless Tesla Charging Mat

On this episode we discuss Kyle’s new Tesla charging mat from Jeda. A wireless inductive charging replacement mat for the Tesla Model 3 allows you to charge two phones wirelessly. This is the second iteration of the product from Jeda and they are working on a version for the Tesla Model S as well.

Kyle Johnson
24: Changing Everything

This week we talk briefly about our recent travels to Denver and discuss the new interview process that we have adopted at the office including it’s pros and cons. Kyle has an ambitious new workout and nutrition plan that he’s going to get started on that Mike may join in on. We also talk about some Tesla news after a several week hiatus in addition to the cancellation of Amazon HQ2 and the newly launched LimePod program in Seattle.

Kyle Johnson
23: Erotic Photo Hunt

This we're podcasting live!  You can join us live now every Wednesday at 6 PM Pacific Time.  This week are we are talking about updates to the show and what we’ve been doing with all the snow in Seattle. We talk about our love of airline mileage programs and how to prevent negativity from creeping in on your life.

In the news we chat about rumored dark mode coming to iOS 13. Rumored Sonos headphones and a DIY project that makes a physical interface to Sonos.

Kyle Johnson
22: Solving Complex Problems

On this episode we have a guest on the show for the second time. Return guest Joseph Bowley joins us as we take a dive into how to handle solving a complex problem when you gotten stuck. We also talk about making big life changes on your own time or as New Years resolutions. We also cover the status of Mike's Spinn coffee maker that we talked about all the way back on episode 2. We also discuss Chrome extensions and what each of us use.

Chrome Extensions

Kyle Johnson
21: Backup Solutions

The Coffee & Code Cast is back with a great episode covering all kinds of topics including followup from last episode. Some new show news, new releases of SDK's, court cases, the death of a vehicle giant, stock trading and Google Fi.

Kyle Johnson
20: Mac OSX Mojave

On this week's episode we talk about Apple's latest OSX release "Mojave". We also discuss the revolving door of todo apps and Kyle's recent trip to Orlando to attend Microsoft Ignite conference as well as Universal Studios, Disney World, and Epcot. 

Kyle Johnson