About The Show


The Beginning

The name Coffee & Code Cast is a homage to meetups that Mike and Kyle held weekly many years ago. Mike has been a business owner for a number of years and had recently moved to Seattle to jump back into a career as a software engineer. Mike and Kyle setup Coffee & Code nights at local coffee shops to share code they were working on and trade knowledge about technologies. These night became fewer and fewer over the months and were eventually dropped all together

The podcast began as Mike was making another move, this time to San Francisco. In an effort to not lose touch and to keep talking about tech the Coffee & Code podcast was born. In addition to keeping up communication it was also a way for each of them to work on public speaking skills, gaining confidence and many other skills

The Show Now

Although the show has evolved from talking about coffee or code but the name has stuck. The show now covers a range of topics from business to personal development to personal stories with a heavy dose of tech news discussion.

We stream the show live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Pacific and usually post the episode in the podcast feed the following day

The Coffee & Code Cast has been in production since October of 2017.

The Hosts

Kyle Johnson   @kylepjohnson

Kyle Johnson


Mike Sheehan  @ chippersf

Mike Sheehan