1: Introductions

The first real episode of Coffee & Code Cast we do our introductions, talk about the Google Chrome Dev Summit, Pixel 2, Amazon Hq2, challenges of working remote, and intermittent fasting as we marathon much longer than we expected.

(0:00)Preshow - A better discussion(1:23)Sensative Mics(2:25)Introductions(10:32)Google Chrome Dev Summit(15:40)Mike's Pixel 2(22:13)Pixel 2 XL Screen Woes(31:18)Amazon Hq2(41:48)Tesla Solar Panels in Puerto Rico(45:37)Working Remote(1:00:40)Intermitant Fasting

Show Links

  1. Google Chrome Trusted Web Activities

  2. Pixel 2 XL Screen Color

  3. White Pixel 2 (Panda) Delays

  4. Guide to Intermitant Fasting

  5. Intermitant Fasting FAQ

  6. HVMN - (WeFast) Intermittent Fasting and Metabolic Performance Community

Kyle Johnson